Volkswagen Tiguan CC Turbo JH5 Part No. 06J145702K


Product Code 06J145713F-R
Manufacturer IHI Turbo
Turbo Maker # JH5 RHF5 / K03-2080KCB5.88CCAXK
OEM Number 06J145713F
Part Number JH5 RHF5 06J145713F

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Additional Information

We also export other parts for American Detroit Engines: Turbocharger, Cylinder Head 23525566, 5102770, Piston Ring, Piston, Sleeves, Gaskets etc.


Material, MOQ, Lead Time

More than 1000 SKUs of turbochargers, apply for Japanese, Korean, USA and European cars, trucks, trailers, buses, excavators. 100% K418 high nickel alloy material and innovative dual ball bearings. Here we list some turbos, if you can not find the turbo you want, pls contact us.
MOQ: 10pcs for NEW customer.
Lead Time: Depends on order. Usually 20 Days.

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