Original Turbocharger for Chery Tiggo 1.5T E4T15B-1118010

Condition: Brand New ORIGINAL
Turbo Model: NGT13Z
Part No.: 841084-0001, 841084-5001S
OEM Part No.: E4T15B-1118010
Application: CHERY TIGGO 3/5/7 1.5T

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Here’s some OEM parts numbers of Chery Tiggo:

A15-1303515 A15-3600020BM A15-3600023BM A15-3903035
A15-5305312 A15-7903010 A21-1009110 A21-1009112
A21-1117113 A21-1121010 A21-1129010 A21-1208213BA
A21-1303821 A21-1303821BA A21-1500010 A21-1501010
A21-1501203 A21-1501210 A21-1501301 A21-1501302
A21-1601020BB A21-1601030 A21-1601030BB A21-1602043
A21-3102010 A21-3102030 A21-3510039 A21-3600021
A21-3621010DA A21-3703015FL A21-3704010 A21-3704010BA
A21-3720050 A21-3731010 A21-3731011 A21-3732010
A21-5300603 A21-5305035 A21-5305065 A21-5305379
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