FORD NAVISTAR F350 Powerstoke Turbo GT3782VA 743250-0002


Turbo Model: GT3782VA
Part No : 743250-5013S , 743250-0001, 743250-0013,743250-0002, 743250-0004, 743250-0013
Cross Part No: 1843761C93, 1845322C91, 1843761C94, 1845178C94, 1846765C91, 1854480C91, 1845178C95, 1846767C91, 1832159C91, 1845178C98
Please note this turbocharger don’t take the hydraulic control valve, we make only the turbocharger.

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Material, MOQ, Lead Time

More than 1000 SKUs of turbochargers, apply for Japanese, Korean, USA and European cars, trucks, trailers, buses, excavators. 100% K418 high nickel alloy material and innovative dual ball bearings. Here we list some turbos, if you can not find the turbo you want, pls contact us.
MOQ: 10pcs for NEW customer.
Lead Time: Depends on order. Usually 20 Days.

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