Timing Belt 472FC-1007081 108YU25.3 for Chery


Available Timing Belts:
97RU21.6, 477F-1007073, 1145A049
107YU25.4, 96352965
108YU25.3, 472FC-1007081
167YU25.4, 473h 1007073
173YU25.4, 481H-1007073BA
Belt Material: CR, HNRB, HSN
Perfectly fit for Chery cars

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Quality and Warranty

Timing Belts, depend on materials we can offer 60000 km and 80000 km warranty. We recommand customer to buy belt made of HNBR material.
MOQ: 50pcs for NEW customer.
Lead Time: Depends on order. Usually 10 Days.

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