JAC truck turbocharger 1008200FA01 Model HP55


Turbo Model: HP55
Part Number: 1008200FA01
Application: China JAC Truck
Warranty: 12 Months

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Material, MOQ, Lead Time

More than 1000 SKUs of turbochargers, apply for Japanese, Korean, USA and European cars, trucks, trailers, buses, excavators. 100% K418 high nickel alloy material and innovative dual ball bearings. Here we list some turbos, if you can not find the turbo you want, pls contact us.
MOQ: 10pcs for NEW customer.
Lead Time: Depends on order. Usually 20 Days.
Here we listed some Turbochargers for Chinese Engines:
HP60Z5804-00/4102-N3A.10.10 CY4102 GAS ENGINE
HP48X3101-00-1/1118100-E09 Great Wall 2.5TCi
HP48X3101-01-1/1118100-E09-B1 Great Wall 2.5TCi
HP55X4505-00/1118300SZ JX493ZQ
HP55Z4502-00-1/1008200FA040XZ JAC HFC4DA1-2B
HP50Z4509-00-1/1118100-E03-B3 Great Wall 2.8TC
HP50Z4509-01-1/1118100-E03 Great Wall 2.8TC
HP55/04/14411 7T605 CY QD32Ti Same with 741157-5002
HP55/05/14411 7T600 CY QD32T/QD29T NISSAN JAC
HP55X4505-00-1/1008200FA01 JAC HFC4DA1-1
HP55X5202-00-1/14411 CT600 CY QD32/QD80-E4
HP55X6002-01-1/4L88-341000A Chang Cai 4L88
HP60/04B-2/4102BZ.10.10-3 CY4102BZ Same with 702365-5015
HP60Z5201-00L/4102BZD.10.10 CY
HP60Z5201B-00-2 CY4102EZQ 4102BZL-26.10.10 Same with A1A. 、A11C Same with 702365-5010
HP60Z5805-00-2/4D125-N3.10.10 CY4D47 GAS
HP60Z5806-00-1/4D47G.10.10-1 CY4D47
HP60Z5207-00L 4102-C3C-A.10.10 CY4102C3C Same with 785305-5001
HP60Z5207-02L4102-C3C-A.10.10A CY4102C3C Same with 785305-5002
HP55Z5215-02L4102-C3F-A.10.10A CY4102C3F Same with 785305-5010
HP60Z5201B-07-1118010-151-JH2L CA4110/125Z(91KW)
J54XXX01-00W/CB400-1118010A YC2115ZQ
HP60Z5201B-08/D0702-1118100 YC4108ZQ(90KW)
HP60Z5801-00AE0400-1118100-502 YC4110ZLQ,118KW/2800r
HP60X5201-00W/1530-1118020 YC4110ZQ/YC4108,93KW/132KW/2600r
HP50Z5202-00-1/F30SA-1118100 YC492ZLQ(85KW)
HP60Z5801-00B-1/E0401-1118100A YC4E160-20


Additional Information

The turbocharger is often operated at high speed and high temperature, the temperature of the ROTOR will reach around 600 °C o higher, and CARTRIDGE (CHRA) rotates more than 20,0000rpm. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the turbocharger, the following points should be noted in use:
1. Do not shut off the engine immediately!
2. Keep it clean: Clean Air (Well filtered), high-grade Oil.
3. Frequent maintenance is necessary

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