Broken Turbo

How a turbocharger was broke down?

Here our engineers list some pictures of failed turbocharger parts, usually an experienced engineer can tell the reasons according to those parts.

1. Outside Impurities

Impurities, like small rocks entered the compressor house from Air Filter.
So when you install a new turbo, it’s essential to clear or replace the Air Filter.

Journal bearing, thrust bearing
Journal bearing, thrust bearing

2. Low Grade Oil

Low grade oil or fake oil, contain too much impurities. After turbo worked a period time, those small parts like Shaft and Thrust bearing will abrase with each other.

3. Turbine Shaft’s cokes

Here you can see the turbine shaft take a lot coke on it.

4. Insufficient Oil Supply

Insufficient Oil Supply will make Turbine Shaft take a little blue color.

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