Stock piston ring

Piston Rings Year-end Promotion

In the end of year 2019, we here list our least stock status for some hotsale piston rings. These piston rings below can be sent in one week after receiving customer’s payment.

Packaging boxes can be nuetral, GABBTECH branded or brands which customer require.

Renault123Piston Rings3500Cyl
MAND2565Piston Rings4000Cyl
MAND2358Piston Rings3000Cyl
MAND2865LPiston Rings4000Cyl
MAND2840Piston Rings5000Cyl
Mitsubishi4D34TPiston Rings3000Cyl
Mitsubishi8DC10Piston Rings5000Cyl
Mitsubishi8DC11Piston Rings4000Cyl
VolvoTD120GPiston Rings3000Cyl
StyerEuro IIPiston Rings4000Cyl
StyerEuro IIIPiston Rings9800Cyl
Cummins6BTPiston Rings3000Cyl
Komatsu4D92Piston Rings5000Cyl
Komatsu4D130Piston Rings6000Cyl
KomatsuSD125Piston Rings6000Cyl
KomatsuS6D108Piston Rings3000Cyl
Isuzu4JB1Piston Rings30000Cyl
Mercedes BenzOM366Piston Rings12000Cyl
Mercedes BenzOM401Piston Rings5800Cyl
Mercedes BenzOM443Piston Rings1800Cyl
DeutzSOMO3Piston Rings14000Cyl
XichaiXC36DPiston Rings4000Cyl
Caterpillar2W1709Piston Rings5000Cyl
Caterpillar2114321Piston Rings7000Cyl

Year-end prices will be very competitive, please contact us to get the latest prices.

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